White Peppercorn

Piper nigrum

Origin: India

Flavour: Milder than black pepper, fresh, warm, hot.

Uses: Sauce, soup, Asian cuisine, marinade, seafood, fish, cream sauce, white sauces, pasta, potato, baked goods, stir–fry.

Dishes: Béchamel, salt and pepper squid, white pepper ice cream, white peppercorn sauce, white pepper spice mix, salt and pepper chicken wings, Cantonese salt and pepper pork chops– , Chinese multi–use white sauce, vegetable stir–fry, gai pad gratiem (garlic and pepper chicken), prik Thai (white pepper powder), pig stomach soup with peppercorns– , mashed potatoes, Cambodian white sauce, Cambodian curry chicken with white pepper, Tibetan momo (dumplings *vegetable, chicken, beef or lamb), hot and sour soup, herb vinaigrette, phat gaphroa muu sap (Thai pork stir–fry with holy basil and chilies) , cajun spice blend, Szechuan chicken.

Compliments: Nutmeg, paprika, dill, cumin, parsley, oregano, clove, curry, coriander, thyme, chilli pepper.

Substitutes for White Peppercorn: Black pepper, mustard seed, ginger.

If you are looking to add heat to a recipe that is bright and not overpowering, try this Organic White Peppercorn (whole). It will enhance soups, stocks, fish and seafood bisque, gumbo or marinades.
For recipes that are light in colour like sauces, pasta and savoury baked goods try this White Peppercorn (ground).
The flavour of white peppercorns is more intense that black peppercorns so add a little then taste your creation to determine if it is to your liking. My rule of thumb is you can always add more.
If you made a recipe using white peppercorns, I would like to hear what you created.