Vanilla planifola and V. tahitensis, V. pompona

Origin: Mexico

Flavour: Warm, aromatic, sweet, spicy, creamy, smoky/woody fragrance.

Uses: Cakes, icing, pudding, whipped cream, cookies, cocktails, baked goods, extract, sugar, jam, dessert, chocolate, candy, beverages, ice cream, custard, liqueur, sauce, savoury dishes, vinaigrette.

Dishes: Vanilla sauce, vanilla custard, beef braised with vanilla, vanilla chicken, vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, vanilla jam, vanilla liqueur, vanillekipferl (European vanilla crescent cookies), Swiss meringue, buttercream, vanilj hjartan (Swedish vanilla heart cookies), Caribbean inspired rum cake, Caribbean black cake, curry chicken with vanilla and cinnamon, rice pudding, kurabie (Albanian inspired cookies), vanilla bean vinaigrette, ghriba (Moroccan almond cookies), vanilla slice, vanilla panna cotta, pizzelle, crema pasticcera (Italian pastry cream), Israeli inspired no– bake cheesecake, sachlav (warm Middle Eastern beverage).

Compliments: Cinnamon, roses, black pepper, mint, lavender, rosemary, nutmeg, mace, allspice, aniseed, thyme, bay leaf.

Substitutes for Vanilla: Almond extract, maple syrup, rum, bourbon, brandy.

Vanilla is such an incredible spice that enhances so many sweet and savoury dishes. The following are different varieties of vanilla which will highlight your recipes.
For a beautifully flavourful vanilla extract, try my Jem’s Favourite, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract. Its essence is flavourful when used in baked goods, pastries and beverages.
A No–Sugar, Kosher Pure Vanilla Extract option is ideal if you want to control the sugar in marinades, icing and cheesecake.
Create your own culinary individuality with Pure Vanilla (Madagascar Beans). Add it extract to cocktails, cookies, cakes and more.
Alcohol–free Pure Vanilla Extract is perfect for every palate to savour. Include it in puddings, mousse, baked goods and pastries.
Pure Vanilla Powder (gluten–free, keto friendly and vegan) is perfect in soups, glazes, tagines, fruit salads and ice cream.
Take advantage with the convenience of using Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (bean paste) in your smoothies, vinaigrettes, rice pudding, whipped cream and parfaits. Its texture and sweetness allows for easy incorporation to recipes.
For all around option with more intense flavour profiles use Quality Artificial Vanilla. It will amp up your cakes, ice creams and frostings.

Did you use any of these vanilla products in your recipes? If so, I would like to hear about it. Happy creating!