Rhus coriaria

Origin: Iran

Flavour: Sour, spicy, citric and tangy.

Uses: Spice blends, dessert, salad dressing, meat, vegetables, soup, meat, tagine, garnish, marinade, stew.

Dishes: Sumac hummus, roasted chickpeas with sumac spice blend, musakhan (Palestinian inspired roast chicken with sumac), Middle Eastern inspired spiced pide, chicken fatteh, roasted vegetables with sumac, sumac vinaigrette, citrus tart with sumac and berries, spicy sumac mustard jackfruit curry– , Azerbaijani inspired qutab with sumac, lamb uzbek plov (Uzbekistan inspired rice pilaf), za’atar.

Compliments: Cumin, chilli pepper, thyme, curry, black pepper, allspice, marjoram, oregano, coriander.

Substitutes for Sumac: Lemon juice, lemon zest, vinegar, lemon pepper seasoning.

With bright tanginess combined with hints of floral and earthy notes, your Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired recipes will be highlighted in flavour and colour with this Sumac Powder. Add it to baked goods, kababs, stews and salads.
If you made any recipes using sumac, I would like to hear about it.