Star Anise

Illicium verum

Origin: Vietnam and China.

Flavour: Liquorice/Licorice, sweet, fresh.

Uses: Baked goods, cookies, sauce, pancakes, soup, broth, stew, curry, mulled beverages, tea.

Dishes: Star anise tea, mulled wine, Anisbrötli (Swiss Christmas cookies), biryani (chicken, vegetable, beef, lamb, Hyderabdi inspired braised duck with star anise, Asian inspired five spice duck, Galliano liqueur, pho Vietnamese noodle soup- , Chinese five spice, chai (masala), rendang (chicken, beef) Indonesian inspired stew,
Tamil inspired Chettinad chicken curry, pryaniki (Russian spice cookies)–

Compliments: Cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, saffron, black pepper, coriander, clove, cardamom, bay leaf.

Substitutes: Chinese five spice, fennel seed, anise extract, anise seed and allspice blend, clove.

Star anise isn’t only a pretty spice it’s quite delicious in sweet and savoury recipes too. Enjoy it solely or even better with a blend of complimentary spices in baked goods, stews, curries or beverages.
The following are good choices for your culinary creations. Organic Star Anise (whole) is best used in recipes where the star anise is steeped for a longer period of time. This allows for the flavour characteristics to fully develop.
Whether you are making a spice rub, cookies or vinaigrette, Star Anise-Organic (ground) is ideal for your dishes. It will enhance your recipes with its peppery liquorice flavour.