Rumex acetosa species

Origin: Europe, the Mediterranean.

Flavour: Acidic, hints of citrus zest, sour and tangy.

Uses: Salad, soup, fish, meat, chicken.

Dishes: Sorrel vinaigrette, mixed greens with sorrel and legumes, poached salmon with French sorrel sauce, sorrel sauce, roasted chicken with sorrel sauce, sorrel butter, shchavel borscht (sorrel soup)– , minute steaks with mushroom and sorrel sauce– , sorrel pesto, sorrel pasta, aradopita (sorrel and cornmeal pie)– , French inspired sorrel soup, eng syresmørbrød med blåmuggost (sorrel and blue cheese smørrebrød)– , sautéed seafood with sorrel sauce.

Compliments: White pepper, mustard seed, bay leaf, parsley, borage, chive, chervil, dill, cayenne pepper, black pepper.

Substitutes for Sorrel: Mustard greens, arugula, rhubarb, dandelion leaf.

Test your green thumb with Sorrel Leaf Plant (pods) then create delicious recipes like sorrel soup, salads or sauce.
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