Papaver somniferum

Origin: Greece, the Orient.

Flavour: Nutty and sweet.

Uses: Baked goods, bagels, cake, cookies, muffins, sauce, filling, garnish, spice, crackers.

Dishes: Hamantaschen (triangular cookies filled with poppyseed), makowiec (Polish poppy seed roll), beigli (Hungarian walnut and poppy seed roll), paprika and poppy seed sauce, poppy seed bagel, bal badem tatlisi (honey almond dessert with poppy seed), poppy seed vinaigrette, tebirkes (Danish pastry with filling topped with poppy seeds), rezance s makom (Slovenian poppy seed pasta), kūčiukai (Lithuanian Christmas cakes), poppy seed milk, poppy seed paste.

Compliments: Curry, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, mustard, oregano, star anise.

Substitutes for Poppy Seed: Black Sesame seed, chia seed.

These crunchy little morsels add much texture and sweet, nutty flavour to a variety of recipes. Whether they are in vinaigrette, muffins, scones or sauce, Poppy Seeds (large format) or Poppy Seeds (Organic, small format) bring yummy levels of character to an array of dishes. A little goes a long way for big results. When stored in a cool, dry and dark place, well sealed poppy seeds can remain fresh for up to six months.