Capsicum annuum

Origin: Central Mexico

Flavour: Hot, mild, sweet, smoky, fruity, slightly bitter.

Uses: Garnish, seasoning, marinade, salad, soup, stew, rice dishes, sausages, meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables, eggs, potatoes, jam, colour enhancement to various dishes.

Varieties: Hungarian Paprika and Spanish Paprika.

Dishes: Portuguese inspired roast potatoes with paprika, piri piri chicken (Portuguese chicken), chicken paprikash with roast potatoes, punjene paprike (Croatian stuffed peppers), djuvec rice (Serbian rice with vegetables), harissa (North African paste), mince lamb borek (Balkan pastry), lablabi (Tunisian chickpea soup), Tunisian shorba (soup for Ramadan), lencsefőzelék (Hungarian lentil soup), paella, Spanish fish stew with paprika, roasted tofu with paprika and herbs, mørbradgryde (Danish pork stew), paprikas kalacs (Hungarian inspired paprika bread).

Compliments: Black pepper, rosemary, cumin, oregano, chilli pepper, thyme, cloves, marjoram, turmeric, parsley.

Substitutes for Paprika: Cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, cumin.

Sweet Paprika adds a fruity zest with a hint of sweetness that is delicious in soups, marinades and as a garnish for Shepards Pie or Twice Baked Potatoes.
The authentic flavour of Hot Paprika Powder is delectable in stews, Piri Piri Chicken and baked seafood recipes. This fiery heat is smooth and will bring oomph to your savoury recipes.
Smoked Paprika Powder will tickle your tastebuds with depths of flavour that are woodsy, smoky and spicy. What recipes come to mind when you think about this versatile spice? I’m thinking of Paella, grilled veggies and baked chicken.