Origanum vulgare

Origin: Western Asia and the Mediterranean.

Flavour: Sweet and peppery, slightly bitter.

Uses: Salad dressing, soup, chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, bread, sauce, infused olive oil, fish and seafood.

Varieties: Greek, Italian, Mexican, Turkish.

Mediterranean Greek Oregano–
(Rigani)– It is added to Mediterranean recipes such as tomato sauce, salad with tomatoes and vegetables. It has a milder flavour in comparison to the Mexican and Turkish varieties. It is hot and spicy. The most savoury variety with notes of earthiness then the other varieties.

Italian Oregano–
*This variety is the mildest in flavour. It is used in vinaigrettes, marinade, and olive oil infusions.

Mexican Oregano–
It is mainly used in Mexican cuisine. The flavour notes are quite different in comparison to the Turkish, Italian and Mediterranean (Greek) varieties. It leads with citrus notes and hints of anise. The flavour is stronger than the Mediterranean variety and does not carry the sweetness either.

Turkish Oregano–
*The strongest flavour out of all the varieties. Even though it is flavour forward and sweet, the citrus notes are mild compared to the other varieties. It is a great, flavourful addition to Mediterranean dishes. Goulash, potatoes, rice, pasta add delicious flavours when Turkish oregano is included.

Dishes: Tomato salad with oregano, Greek oregano chicken, Turkish kofte (Kebab), roasted lamb shanks with oregano, grilled fish with oregano, braised octopus seasoned with oregano, mussels with bacon and oregano, oaxaca chicken with garlic and oregano, Mexican rice, mole negro (oaxacan), oregano pesto, pozole rojo (Mexican pork stew with honey), roasted vegetable salad with oregano, qaqocc mimli (Maltese inspired stuffed artichokes), Albanian tave kosi (baked lamb).

Compliments: Basil, thyme, cumin, chilli pepper, marjoram, black pepper, mint, parsley, paprika.

Substitutes for Oregano: Basil, thyme.

Go on a global expedition with the flavours of Oregano. Use Dried Organic Oregano Leaves in your Mediterranean inspired recipes like braised seafood, roasted potatoes or goulash. It pairs well with herbs and spices that are warm, spicy or fresh. Ground Oregano Leaves bring the same sweet, peppery flavours to dishes without the visual hallmarks of leaves. Use it in sauces, baked goods and grilled fare.