Origanum majorana

Origin: The Mediterranean, Anatolia.

Flavour: Floral, woody, fresh, citrusy, sweet, slightly bitter, milder oregano notes.

Uses: Sausage, tomato dishes, soup, stew, garnish, stuffing, salad dressing, sauce, spice blends, bread, vegetables.

Dishes: Marjoram soup, roasted potatoes with marjoram, breakfast sausage with marjoram, kiełbasa (polish sausage), wild game sausage with marjoram, tomato salad with marjoram dressing, orzo with mushrooms and marjoram, savoury scones mustard and marjoram, marjoram stuffing with sage, kohlrabi salad with marjoram and olives, Greek chickpea soup with marjoram and lemon, tempero baiano (Brazilian spice blend), grilled vegetables with marjoram sauce.

Compliments: Oregano, thyme, lavender, basil, rosemary, fennel, sumac, basil, dill, paprika, parsley, sage, mint, bay leaf, savory.

Substitutes for Marjoram: Oregano, sage, thyme, sweet basil.

*Note: Spice blends that may include Marjoram– Herbes de Provence, Za’atar, Greek seasoning, Tempero baiano.

Are you creating a spice blend, soup or dressing? Organic Dried Marjoram or Dried Marjoram (budget friendly) will bring flavours that are slightly sweet, floral notes with hints of earthiness. I love using it in recipes where is want the warmth, freshness and flavour of oregano but milder. There is always a bottle in my pantry because this herb is delicious in many savoury recipes.
It is a Jem’s Favourite.