Glycyrrhiza glabra

Origin: Southern Europe and Western Asia.

Flavour: Fresh, bitter, sweet.

Uses: Candy, brownies, cake, cookies, jam, beef, vegetables, salad, vinaigrette, tea, coffee, chicken, stew.

Dishes: Sautéed chicken with liquorice, grilled chicken with liquorice, steak with liquorice sauce, liquorice beef stew, rådjursfilé med lakritssås (venison with liquorice sauce, liquorice cookies, black liquorice candy, liquorice latte, salmiak (salted Scandinavian liquorice), liquorice poached fish, liquorice chocolate cake, masala chai with liquorice, mixed greens salad with liquorice vinaigrette, grilled duck with liquorice, liquorice ice cream, lakkris toppar (Icelandic meringue cookies), skúffukaka (Icelandic chocolate cake).

Compliments: Anise, basil, tarragon, chervil, caraway, fennel, mint, ginger, cinnamon.

Substitutes for Liquorice/Licorice: Star anise, fennel.

The herbaceous flavour of Liquorice root/Licorice root powder is like no other. Its quintessential anise notes will brighten recipes like chai, jams, cakes and stews.