Lemon Verbena

Aloysia citrodora

Origin: South America

Flavour: Creamy, fresh, citrus, sweet.

Uses: Marinades, salad, dressing, fish, chicken, jam, tea, baked goods.

Dishes: Braised chicken with lemon verbena, simple syrup infused with lemon verbena, lemon verbena jelly, lemon verbena cookies, lemon verbena vinaigrette, lemon verbena tea, baked peaches with lemon verbena, lemon verbena bread, pasta with lemon verbena, Thai green curry paste with lemon verbena, pan fried fish with lemon verbena pesto, Mediterranean salad with lemon verbena, lemon verbena posset.

Compliments: Mint, parsley, vanilla, thyme, sage, dill, cilantro, basil, chilli pepper, cumin, cardamom, black pepper.

Substitutes for Lemon Verbena: Lemongrass, French sorrel.

*Note– Lemon Verbena is a member of the mint family.

Add the subtle citrus flavour of Lemon Verbena where you want a milder level of lemon in recipes like baked fish, pesto, bread and curry. Its distinct citrus notes are not as strong as Lemon Balm.
Enjoy it in a caffeine–free Lemon Verbena loose–leaf form or Lemon Verbena individual tea bags with your sweet or savoury culinary creations.