Italian Seasoning

Herb and Spice Blend

Origin: The Mediterranean

Flavour: Warm and savoury, slightly earthy with a hint of sweetness. The flavour notes depend on the ingredients that are selected. The ratio of each ingredient is specific to personal tastes. Some may be omitted and others may have a higher quantity. That is part of the uniqueness in creating spice blends. Have fun with it.

Ingredients: *all dried– Garlic powder, onion powder, red chilli pepper flakes, oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary, sage.

Uses: All purpose seasoning, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, seafood, baked goods.

Dishes: Italian herb chicken, oven roasted vegetables with Italian seasoning, baked shrimp with Italian seasoning, tofu parmigiana, creamy tomato soup, minestrone soup, Italian wedding soup, ribollita (Tuscan bean and vegetable soup), cacciucco (Tuscan seafood stew), classic Italian meatballs, roasted vegetable lasagna, Italian herb focaccia, Alabama fire crackers with Italian seasoning, savoury parmesan cookies with Italian seasoning.

Whether you are making bruschetta, Tuscan Bean Soup or roasted fare, let your culinary creativity flow with a delicious selection of curated herbs and spices in the Dolce Vita Italian Edition Spice Set.
This is my go–to Italian Seasoning. I use it to amplify the flavour in meatballs, lasagna, frittata and sauces. It is an all–purpose pantry staple and Jem’s Favourite ingredient.
Are you starting out with variations of spice blends? A smaller format of Italian Seasoning is ideal for your Italian inspired meals.
Did you use any of these seasonings in a sauce, dip or baked good? I would love to hear about it.