Hyssopus officinalis

Origin: The Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

Flavour: Floral mint, bright and fresh with a hint of bitterness.

Uses: Braising, tea, cocktails, pasta, soup, salad, garnish, pâté, za’atar.

Dishes: Chicken with hyssop, vegan Greek moussaka, beef stir–fry with hyssop, hyssop cookies, vanilla cake with hyssop cream frosting, apple tarts with hyssop, hyssop gin and tonic, hyssop julep, eggplant with hyssop, hyssop ice cream, french lentil salad with hyssop, chicken pate with hyssop, hyssop liqueur, roast lamb with hyssop, fish steamed with hyssop.

Compliments: Sumac, chives, parsley, basil, bay leaf, sage, lavender.

Substitutes for Hyssop: Mint, lavender, sage, anise.

Organic Hyssop is highly aromatic and its floral notes are accented when it is combined it salads, soups, fruit desserts and seafood recipes.

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