Armoracia rusticana

Origin: Western Asia and Southeastern Europe.

Flavour: Spicy, pungent, intense, sweetness.

Uses: Sauce, garnish, condiment, beverages.

Dishes: Chinese beef with horseradish and ginger, Asian chicken with sesame and horseradish, salmon with horseradish sauce, steak with horseradish, cod fish with horseradish, roasted vegetables with horseradish, cauliflower horseradish soup, mussels with horseradish cream, torsk med pepparrot och brynt smör (cod with horseradish and brown butter), smoked salmon latkes with horseradish cream, cwikla (Polish beets with horseradish), Russian style crab salad, Russian salad dressing, horseradish devilled eggs.

Compliments: Mustard, black pepper, dill, rosemary, chives, thyme, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper.

Substitutes for Horseradish: Mustard, wasabi, ginger, black radish.

Many recipes can be enhanced with an ingredient like Cream Horseradish or Extra Hot Horseradish if your tastebuds are only satisfied with nostril clearing heat. Either will transform your meal with a distinct freshness that is unexpected yet a welcomed flavour profile. Add a bit to your favourite salad dressing, sauce or soup.