Marrubium vulgare

Origin: North Africa, Central and Southwestern Asia and Europe.

Flavour: Hint of mint, slight anise, warm, smoky, bitter.

Uses: Candy, tea, chicken, fish, soup, salad, stir–fry.

Dishes: Cough lozenges, tea, horehound jelly, horehound candy, horehound beer, cocktails with horehound, fruit salad with horehound, horehound with matzah ball soup.

Compliments: Cinnamon, ginger.

Substitute for Horehound: Mint

The array of flavours that Black Horehound brings to culinary creations and beverages will elevate recipes in a warm, smoky and fresh way. Add it to soups, salads and cocktails.
Did you add this anise/minty flavoured herb into a recipe? If you did, what did you create? I would like to hear about it.