Egyptian Spice Blend

Origin: Egypt

Uses: Dip, coffee, chicken, soup, lamb, dessert, beef, vegetables.

Savoury Dukkah flavour: Nutty, sweet, warm, hot, spicy, smoky with hints of citrus.

Savoury Dukkah ingredients: Fennel seed, pumpkin seed, chilli pepper flakes, black pepper, pine nuts, sea salt, walnuts, white and black sesame seeds, pistachios, cayenne pepper, hazelnuts, cumin, thyme, paprika, coriander seed.

Sweet Dukkah flavour: Sweet, warm, nutty, smoky, anise and citrus notes.

Sweet Dukkah ingredients: Pine nuts, cinnamon, poppyseeds, honey, almonds, cardamom, sesame seeds, citrus zest (orange), walnuts, sugar, pistachios, clove, hazelnuts, anise seed.

Dishes: Egyptian dukkah chicken, dukkah lamb, roasted vegetables spiced with dukkah, focaccia with dukkah, creamy yogurt dip with dukkah, pan fried eggplant with dukkah, bean salad with dukkah, baked tomatoes spiced with dukkah, dukkah vinaigrette, slow roasted beef spiced with dukkah, dukkah crumble.

Bring different levels of texture and spice to your recipes and create an array of incredibly flavoured dishes with this Dukkah Spice Blend.