Spice blend

Origin: India

Uses: Sauce, marinade.

Curry spice blends from….

Flavour: Fresh, fragrant, warm, hot, spicy, savoury, sweet, milky notes included in some regions curry blends. Aromatic.
North African curry– North African vegetable curry, goat curry, fish stew.

South African curry– Cape Malay style fish curry, Durban curry chicken, Sa seafood curry, mutton curry stew, mixed bean curry, Sa inspired mixed vegetable curry (Chakalaka).

East African curry– Kulu paka (chicken in coconut sauce), bharazi (pigeon peas in stewed coconut milk), misir wat, curry crab, coral fish curry, creole curry tripe, crocodile.

West African curry– Moui nagden (beef stew), jollof rice with curry, chicken stew (Cameroon inspired)

Bangladesh and West Bengal
Flavour: Pungent, mustardy, fishy, hot, spicy.
Dishes: Ilish barishali/barishai ilish

Flavour: Hot, sour, spicy, sweet, warm, pungent.
Dishes: Chicken sibyan curry, chiang mai curry pork belly.

China– Hong Kong/Macau
Flavour: Hints of coconut, fresh, warm, milky.
Dishes: Chinese chicken curry, pork minchi.

India- Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu.
Flavour: Sweet, hot, spicy, warm, fresh, pungent, earthy.
Dishes: Dhaba inspired chicken curry, mutton banjara, Chettinad crab masala, vegetable poriyal, Telangana style curry chicken, Goan shrimp curry, Gujarati potato sabzi, Halasinakayi palya (jackfruit curry), Kerala fish curry, Majarashirian kadi.

Flavour: Milky, sweet, hints of coconut, fresh, hot.
Dishes: Indonesian style chicken curry, vegetable and temeh gulai, Balinese style pork curry.

Flavour: Mild, sweet, warm, savoury, hot and spicy.
Dishes: Katsu chicken curry, curry udon, Japanese mixed vegetable curry.

Flavour: Sweet and savoury, sour, milky with hints of coconut.
Dishes: Mutton rogan josh, Kashmiri chicken curry, chana masala

Flavour: Mild and savoury.
*Curry was introduced to Korea by Japan.
Dishes: Kare (Korean curry rice), pork belly curry.

Flavour: Notes of citrus, milky, hints of coconut, fresh.
Dishes: Kari ayam, tamarind pork curry/assam pork curry, tofu and vegetable curry, beef nihari.

Flavour: Warm, hot, spicy, milky, hints of coconut, savoury.
Dishes: Mas riha (fish curry), mixed vegetable and mango curry, kukulhu riha (chicken curry).

Flavour: Warm, fresh, pungent, spicy.
Dishes: Goat curry, dal bhat (Nepalese curry with vegetables, meat and lentils), gurkha chicken curry.

Flavour: Hot, spicy, warm, fresh.
Dishes: Chicken karahi, chicken salan, aloo gosht, koli saaru.

Flavour: Warm, fresh, earthy, hints of sweetness, creamy/milky, hot, spicy.
Dishes: Kadhi pakora, chicken tikka masala, tandoori goat, mixed vegetable kadai, chane ka saag.

Flavour: Fresh, warm, hints of coconut.
Dishes: Pinoy style curry chicken, mixed vegetable curry with eggs, seafood curry.

Sri Lanka
Flavour: Warm and fresh, spicy with notes of bitterness, slightly milky.
Dishes: Kukul mas curry, fish curry, pumpkin and coconut milk curry, curry cassava, shark curry.

Red curry– Savoury and sweet with hints of coconut milk, fresh and spicy with citrus notes from lemongrass.
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Green curry– Fresh and pungent with notes of fish and seafood, spicy, with hints of coconut milk.
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Yellow curry– Mild and fresh with hints of sweetness, citrusy.
Massaman curry– Fragrant and warm, rich flavour, creamy coconut milk.

Flavour: Fresh and aromatic. Warm with hints of citrus, coconut milk, notes of sweetness.
Dishes: Ca-ri-ga, pork belly curry, fish curry in coconut milk, vegetarian curry soup.

Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

Dishes: Curry goat/mutton, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, curried chana, chicken columbo, roti, eggplant, crab, mixed vegetables, conch, lobster, okra, tofu, pork columbo, callaloo, iguana.
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France, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Scotland,Switzerland, Scandinavia, Sweden.

Flavour: A combination of sweet and savoury, smoky and spicy with warm notes, pungent.

Dishes: French masala (vadouvan), vadouvan curry chicken, fish spiced with vadouvan curry, boller i karry (Danish curried meatballs), Icelandic fish/seafood soup with curry, German currywurst, curry ketchup (curry gewurz scharf ketchup), curry mustard, riz casimir, karrysalat, herring curry, Macanese style (Portuguese chicken curry), kurczaka z sosem pomarańczowym (orange chicken), keema style vegan haggis curry, Swedish yellow curry chicken.
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Middle East
Flavour: Flavourful with warm spices, spicy and slightly sweet, hot.

Ingredients: Baharat spice blend– cinnamon, mustard seed, cardamom, clove, fenugreek seed, chilli powder, turmeric, coriander seed, ground ginger, cumin, black pepper, curry powder or garam masala.

Uses: Powder, sauce, meat, poultry, vegetables, pulses, grains.

Dishes: Lamb curry, vegetable curry, chickpea curry, curry rice, Arabic curry, beef curry, samak quwarmah (Saudi fish curry), quwarmah ala dajaj (Kuwaiti curried chicken with okra).

South America
Flavour: Creamy and delicate.
Dishes: Lima chicken, Aji de Gallina, Peruvian lima beans.