Tanacetum balsamita/Chrysanthemum balsamita

Origin: The Mediterranean and Indian Subcontinent.

Flavour: Spearmint and balsam with a hint of lemon.

Uses: Salad, vegetable dishes, soup, cake, wild game, veal, poultry, ale, red meat dishes.

Dishes: Vegetable soup, wild boar stew, German stuffed eggs with costmary, herb salad, sabzi khordan (Iranian–Middle Eastern herb and raw vegetable salad, fish dishes.

Compliments: Cinnamon, clove, bay leaf, sage, rosemary.

Substitutes for Costmary: Mint, chamomile.

If you can’t find the fresh variety, hone your gardening skills with Costmary Seeds. Add this fragrant ingredient to your stews, cakes or ice cream.