Theobroma cacao

Origin: Central and South America.

Flavour: Fruity and bitter.

Uses: Powder, butter, chocolate, drinks, baked goods.

Dishes: Brownies, hot chocolate, barbecue chicken, chicken mole, Middle Eastern chocolate tart, chocolate babka, rigó jancsi (Hungarian sponge cake).

Compliments: Salt, cinnamon, lavender, basil, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, chilli pepper, mint, peppercorn, paprika, saffron.

Substitutes for Cocoa: Carob, unsweetened chocolate and cacao.

Which cocoa powder is your favourite to use in your favourite recipes?
Whether you are making brownies, cakes, cookies or scones each variety is is delicious. Here are a few items that can be added to your pantry for your sweet and savoury creations. Do you prefer Mild Chocolate/Cocoa (great for cakes, frosting and scones), Rich Special Dark Cocoa (great for dark, rich desserts), or Dutch Process Cocoa (great for chocolate mousse, ice cream and hot chocolate). For the biggest chocolate lovers, this large format Majestic Dutch Process Cocoa Powder will allow you to indulge with all of your chocolate creations.
Did you try out a new recipe with one of these cocoa products? If so, what did you make? I would love to hear about it.