Chinese Five Spice

Spice Blend

Origin: Southern China

Flavour: Bursts of liqourice notes, hints of sweet and warm spices from the cinnamon, citrusy hints from the fennel, cool notes from the cloves and the heat and spice is balanced by the sichuan peppercorns or ginger or white pepper.

Ingredients: Star anise, clove, Chinese cinnamon *cassia, Sichuan pepper, fennel seed, ginger or white pepper (ginger or white pepper may be used in place of Sichuan pepper).

Uses: Spice rub, marinade, stir–fry, fish, seafood, pork, chicken, beef, lamb.

Dishes: Chinese five spice chicken, chicken and vegetable five stir–fry, Vietnamese grilled five spice chicken (ga nuong), braised pork with five spice, vegetarian five spice tofu stir–fry, five spice tilapia, five spice salmon with ginger, five spice roasted duck, five spice chocolate cake, five spice carrot, Chinese five spice cookies, five spice rice, five spice cupcakes, sautéed five spice shrimp, five spice lamb.

Whether your recipes are sweet or savoury, include this delicious variety of Chinese 5 Spice blend to your Asian inspired recipes. The sweet and warm spices will enhance any dish that it is added to.