Chilli Pepper

Capsicum species

Origin: Mexico

Uses: Cuisine from all over the world. Jams, sauce, ceviche.

Flavour: Sweet to hot, varying taste.

Dishes: Red chilli sauce (Mexican), Chiles Rellenos, Lecso (Hungarian pepper stew), Arrabbiata sauce, Jerk seasoning, curry, Thai nam prik (chilli sauce), stuffed Polish peppers (Papryka nadziewana).

Compliments: Cumin, sumac, turmeric, oregano, clove, allspice, garlic.

Substitutes for Chili Pepper: Tien Tsin, serrano pepper, jalapeno, cayenne, chilli pepper, pequin.

The level of heat that Chilli Peppers impart to sweet and savoury recipes are based on the type of pepper. Different varieties provide various textures and tasty flavours.
If you are creating Sichuan inspired cuisine or a Korean inspired dish such as kimchi, this (large quantity) Coarse Red Chilli Pepper Powder or (small quantity) Organic Crushed Red Pepper is ideal for such recipes.
If you are looking to add a little smokiness, earthy tones that are combined with nutty flavours to recipes then try Whole Dried Arbol Chilli Peppers in your marinades, salsas and soups.