Celery Seed

Apium graveolens

Origin: The Mediterranean

Flavour: Much like celery, warm, refreshing and slightly bitter.

Uses: Soup, stock, one of the ingredients in the Louisiana Creole “Holy Trinity”, sofrito, mirepoix, juice, tea, dressing, vinaigrette, pickles.

Dishes: Celery seed dressing, chicken noodle soup, chicken stock, beef stock, salad, seafood, coleslaw, steak seasoning, chutney, curry.

Compliments: Sage, turmeric, ginger, fennel, nutmeg, paprika, thyme, coriander, allspice, basil, clove, garlic.

Substitutes for Celery seed: Celery salt, parsley, dill seed, celery leaves.

There are a few herbs and spices that can create a delicious flavour foundation to various cuisines from around the world. Celery seed is one of those ingredients and I include it in different salads, stocks, soups and spice blends. It will add a refreshing hint of celery that is so refreshing. If you haven’t introduced celery seed to some of your recipes, you should give it a try.
It is a Jem’s Favourite and an essential ingredient to have in my pantry, especially if I don’t have any fresh celery in the fridge.
This variety of organic celery seed is ideal for use in smaller quantities. I use a larger format of celery seed for recipes that require a sizeable amount for optimal flavour.