Brown Mustard

Brown Mustard in spoon

Brassica juncea

Origin: First in the Indus Valley, an Indian subcontinent.

Flavour: Sharp, pungent and hot.

Uses: Mostly as a condiment, soup, sauce, salad dressing.

Dishes: Chicken, pork, soup, potatoes, potato salad, dip, devilled eggs, steak.

Compliments: Dill, thyme, parsley, tarragon, chives, chervil.

Substitutes for Brown Mustard: Any variety of mustard.

Whether it’s for chutney, soup or dal, give your recipes a boost with the sharp, full–bodied flavours of Whole Brown Mustard Seed. It will enhance your meals in a deliciously unforgettable way.

Brown Mustard in spoon