Angelica Archangelica

Origin: Subarctic regions, the Northern Hemisphere, Iceland, Greenland.

Flavour: Slightly bitter and slightly herbal. It can be mistaken for juniper berry flavour or liquorice.

Uses: Jams, candy, cakes, soup, tea, seafood, meat.

Dishes: Angelica jam, stewed angelica, Dong quai tea, Chinese angelica soup with chicken, Icelandic lamb with angelica, baked fish with angelica and rhubarb, angelica soup with veggies and mushrooms, pound cake with angelica, fruit salad with angelica, Italian angelica cake, candied angelica, steamed shrimp with angelica, scallops with angelica, veal angelica.

Compliments: Chervil, dill, ginger, mint, tarragon, orange, lavender.

Substitutes for Angelica: Lovage, celery.