Adobo in bowl

Philippine marinade

Origin: The Philippines

Flavour: Sweet, savoury and tangy.

Ingredients: Soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaf, paprika, oregano, sugar.

Uses: Sauce, marinade, seasoning, stew.

Dishes: Chicken (most popular), pork, beef, seafood, vegetables.

Compliments: Rice, salad, mashed potatoes, hearty grains like wild rice, farro, barley.

Substitutes for Adobo: Chilli powder with garlic, brown sugar, vinegar, cinnamon or Cajun seasoning with garlic, soy sauce.

Rich and delicious is the best way to describe Adobo seasoning.
Here are a variety of tasteful options. This All–Purpose Adobo Seasoning is ideally used to sprinkle on poultry, veggies, meat and seafood just before the cooking process. This version of Adobo Seasoning (organic and kosher) is delicious accompaniment for the traditional dish, it’s also delectable in Latin inspired recipes. The most versatile version is this Adobo Seasoning with Garlic and Pepper. Add it to sauces, curries and stews.

Adobo in bowl